Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I am very pleased to announce that "The Trouble With Dames" is in the can (so to speak!). I sent that bad boy off to Ka-Blam! for printing yesterday! I should (fingers crossed, everything goes right) have it back in time for MID-OHIO CON!

Which brings me to my next announcement: I WILL MOST CERTAINLY BE MAKING AN APPEARANCE (sans Joshua D. Boeringa) AT MID-OHIO CON! This is great and exciting news. I'm going to be making the trek with Friends and fellow artists Jon Gordon, Dean Stahl, (I believe) Ryan Claytor, and possibly Jay Jacot (not yet 100% confirmed). This is going to be an amazing opportunity and super fun trip! You guys don't want to miss this event!

So if you are able to make it down to the con do so! If you can't and want to order a copy of "The Trouble With Dames" E-mail Me (Robert Forest) via edwardggunn@gmail.com and we can make it all happen for you!

Take Care my friends!

-Robert Forest

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