Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Other Artists Work I've Acquired ...

I was inspired to do this post by David Petersen. He posted art that he'd gotten from people on his blog ... which you can see HERE.

I liked the post and decided to do one of my own. The First images I'm going to post are going to be art done by Jonathon Gordon. He's become a great friend of mine. We hang out almost every Tuesday for a Movie/Draw day. (sometimes more movie that draw ... shhhh!) Anyway, the two pieces I'm going to share with you were done by Jon to showcase his talent for Commission work at Mid-Ohio Con. He was kind enough, at the end of the weekend to give them to me. So, I'm very happy to have them!

Or click HERE! for a larger Hi-Res pic.
Spider Woman
Or Click HERE! for a larger Hi-Res pic.

Next is Jay Jacot. He's become a great friend too, in fact all of the people I've chose to post are good friends and L.A.D.D.ies. When I was putting together my first full size comic E.G.G. "The Trouble With Dames", Jacot was the guy who gave me the most support and inspiration for the work. He did one of the pin-ups for the back of it and then he presented me with the original line work. So here the line work is ...

Edward G. Gunn
or HERE! is the Hi-Res pic.

Third ... is done by Dean Stahl. I just love what Dean has done with his work. He has definately pushed himself to become a very good artist in the comic medium. His style is a great throw back to the 70-80's style of Marvel/DC before the whole Image boom hit. I love it. I commissioned Dean to do a piece for my wife for her birthday. This is that piece. Thanks Dean! Great Job! She loves it!

Sally Jupiter / Silk Spectre I
I suggest clicking HERE! for the Hi-Res version.

Lastly, is a piece done by Ryan Claytor. This is a super special piece that Ryan drew into my wifes Birthday/Halloween card. It is of him and his significant other, Candace, all dressed up in their Halloween Costumes!

Ryan "Gynecologist" Claytor and "Bun In The Oven" Candace

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