Monday, October 19, 2009

E.G.G. News ... monday oct. 19th.

Not a lot on the news for today, but I did want to share that you can still get copies of "The Trouble With Dames". Just email us at if interested. You can still purchase the Issue of Shrunken Wool comics No. 5 featuring one of our short stories ..."Daisies and Deadmen". In addition to that, TWO FOLD COMICS is going to be releasing a Trade with all (or maybe just their favourites) the comics ever released in the Shrunken Wool Comics so far. This is exciting news for us because "Daisies and Deadmen" is going to be in that trade. YAY! So, keep an eye out for that! You can see Shrunken Wool via TWO FOLD COMICS both HERE! on Blogger and HERE! on Myspace.

We are def. attending Fantasticon on Sunday, Nov. 8th @ the Emerald Theatre in Mt. Clemens, MI. Event is $5.00 for the day. Opens at 11:00am and goes to 5:00pm. We would love to see our friends out at this event!

Keep an eye on the websight. More news to come soon, me thinks!


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